Rehabilitation for adults and children

Weight loss

Spine and orthopedic surgery

Dear Sirs and Madams,

It is my utmost pleasure to invite you to Poland – my home country – on a journey to health and well-being!

Since 2004, Poland has been a Member State of the European Union. It is a stable and safe country renowned for its hospitality, friendly climate and tourist attractions. Poland has at its disposal well-educated doctors, nurses and physiotherapists. Medical services here performed are of premium European quality.

Our primary focus is to enable you an easy access to services provided by our Centers. All you need to do is submit your medical report, and we shall send you – free of charge or any obligations – a proposal of treatment, as recommended by our specialists and designed specifically for you.

Our biggest asset is an individual approach to every Client. Our proposal of a curative stay, including a personalized treatment plan, is based on the patients’ medical report, their individual preferences, and preliminary medical assessment. Our experience in working with international patients, including these from Arab countries, enables us to fully meet your unique requirements and needs.

You are kindly welcome to use our services. Protect your health in the best possible way — with us!

Rehabilitation for adults and children

Our rehabilitation centers’ main focus is improving the quality of life of people with locomotor disorders and disability by providing highest quality services in the fields of: medical rehabilitation as well as health prophylaxis and promotion of healthy lifestyle. Best medical centers in Poland are able to offer you following services:

  • orthopedic rehabilitation
  • neurological rehabilitation
  • postinfraction rehabilitation
  • rehabilitation for children with Cerebral Palsy (CP).

Cooperation with the best medical staff in Poland, experienced but nevertheless continuously trained enables us to guarantee the highest quality of our services.

Weight loss

Our slimming programs are the best way for effective, safe and healthy weight loss. Special diet with menu matched to patients metabolism, body statistics, lifestyle and age combined with just the right amount of daily exercises guarantee long lasting effects. Our programs works with patients body, not against it. This means that cravings for unhealthy sugars and fats naturally subside and new gained exercise and dietary habits allow the stubborn weight to finally shift. The venues and accommodations are purpose-built for slimming retreats so the patients are protected from the everyday life temptations that make weight losing so difficult in home environment.

Our centers offer variety of different slimming programs therefore everybody can find something for themselves.

Spine and orthopedic surgery

We specialize in orthopedic surgeries (joint replacement, arthroscopy, etc.) and spine surgery procedures. We use traditional and minimally invasive methods that significantly reduce patient’s stay in the hospital, and make the recovery and return to regular activities faster. We provide all-inclusive medical care, including post-operative rehabilitation.

Surgeries are performed by renowned doctors. Many of them obtained their professional experience in prestigious hospitals and clinics in Europe and the USA. The team also includes nurses, physiotherapists and support staff.



Our rehabilitation and recreation centres specialise in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal system diseases (also for people on wheelchairs), spinal pains and pains in peripheral joints.
In order to choose the most appropriate type of treatment and thus the most effective therapy, we provide individual consultations with medical rehabilitation physician. The proper choice of treatments depends, among others, on the type of disease, current medical condition and age of the patient, concomitant diseases and suffered diseases, medications taken and duration of disease.

In our center we provide care to patients with the following diseases:

patients after coma


spinal injuries

craniocerebral trauma


meningo-spinal hernia

oncological diseases

status post sprains and dislocations of joints

status post bone fracture

status post muscle injury

status post joint prosthetics


spinal pain syndrome, e.g. lumbago (low back pain)

discopathy, including complications caused by brachialgia and sciatica

RA (rheumatoid arthritis)


Our team consists of therapists specializing in many methods of rehabilitation, among others, individual kinesiotherapy, also with the use of PNF method, the elements of Vojta’s method and NDT-Bobath method, kinesiotherapy with the use of Teratogs and a robot for teaching to walk (reoambulator), hand therapy, sensory integration, occupational therapy and logotherapy.

Moreover, during your stay in our Centre, we offer you the option of psychological support, both in individual or/and group form. The rehabilitation programme is, depending on the needs and the type of dysfunction, individually adapted to each child, following medical and physiotherapeutic consultation.

The children’s package includes:

physician’s consultation

physiotherapeutic consultation

nursing care


occupational therapy

hand therapy

speech therapy

craniosacral therapy


walk therapy using a walk robot and walk therapy (reoambulatory) minimum 1 x during the package (subject to availability and medical indications)

Veronica Sherborne’s Method

Other Medical Services

We are very proud to deliver the highest quality medical services of various types. If you do not find anything about your condition above or below, it is still a good idea to contact us, as we approach each patient with individual attention.

The most frequent inquiries and the contracts made afterwards are the following:

fertility treatment

weight loss surgery

speaking and hearing treatment

addiction treatment

cardiology and cardio surgery


plastic surgery

prosthesis production

eye treatment

full body checkups

Our business equals healing people

Polish Health Centers is an association of many rehabilitation & weight loss centers and spine & orthopedic surgery hospitals. Its purpose is to facilitate access to the services provided by the centers for patients from the Arab countries and to maintain the highest standards especially for those patients.

Our facilities have a good reputation in the Polish market and provide premium services at the global level, observing the international standards of quality. All of them have at their disposal experienced, highly qualified staff.

Medical staff and service workers are familiar with the culture and requirements of patients from the Middle East, which is a result of the many-year experience in working with the Arabs or in the Arab countries. Services performed by our association and its centers – from diet to language gloss – are fully customized to meet the unique needs and requirements of patients from the Arab countries.

Each patient shall be given a wide range of services included in the price of stay, i.e.:

transportation from the airport to the center to the airport

services of an Arabic-speaking representative of PHC

full board (three meals a day)

medical consultations (first and last)

program of treatments (as recommended by a physician)

translation services (if necessary)

city sightseeing


Arabian Travel Market

Arabian Travel Market

Our mission during Arabian Travel Market was to raise awareness about medical tourism options in Poland. Together with the Polish Tourism Organization we've organized a beautiful stand to greet and meet all the guests

Riyadh Travel Fair

Riyadh Travel Fair

Riyadh Travel Fair was the busiest of all our exhibitions so far. Many visitors were very interested about Poland. Also, our cooperation with Saudi partners is the strongest in the region, that's why we've had many important meeting, that will bring more patients to...

25TH MAY 2018 Kuwait Medica Exhibition

25TH MAY 2018 Kuwait Medica Exhibition

We've attended the Kuwait Medica Exhibition for a second time in a row and it was a great opportunity to meet our friends and from last year and renew the connection. In addition to this we were invited by Dr. Jamal to his newly established clinic, where we exchanged...

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